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Somewhere in Newport Beach, CA, in a room full of animal rugs, skulls, strewn about dresses, and aged records (ranging from The Clash to Tammy Wynette), Amy Hood mixes her paint potions and meticulously pours them into vivid concoctions, served on wood with a flourish of signature in gold. Most of her works are portraits in which the symbols, styles and poses of classic Renaissance art are mischievously mingled with modern subjects who are either searching for or wandering from the path of righteousness. She finds inspiration in the socially distorted, the outsiders, the incorrigible creatives, and the bastard sons and daughters of America. She paints those children of the stars and stripes who have strayed from its American Dream, in order to find something unique and true.

When she is not racking in unsuspecting prey at the pool hall or spewing stats at bar patrons unlucky enough to have cast bad light on the name of Kobe Bryant, she is finding new ways to vicariously own a motorcycle, watching mind-rotting sci-fi television on Netflix, instagramming the pants off the world, speaking at superhuman speeds, or working at Hoodzpah Art + Graphics, a design firm she founded and runs with her twin sister, Jennifer. Don’t let her button nose or pocket-size fool you, that tattoo on her middle finger is real and it can only mean one thing.

Amy has shown her art in galleries across Orange County, and has helped brand companies, individuals, and film festivals and bands ranging from here to Japan.