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Aurelien Underdrawing

On 05, Aug 2012 | In Paint, The Beatniks The Bastards & The Saints | By admin

About a month ago I wrapped up the underdrawing on my current painting of my friend, Aurelien. Yes, Aurelien is French. And like my other subjects in my “The Beatniks, The Bastards, & The Saints” series, he’s got a great story. He left medical school to become a professional poker player and now roams the globe, from casino penthouse to casino penthouse, raking in the chips and taking in the world around him.

This piece of wood panel is 24″ x 32″. Drawing large scale is so hard. To make it easier on myself I print out a picture to work from and line everything up with my T-Square as I go (example: the middle of his left eye lines up directly with the edge of his mouth) to make sure I’m getting the proportions right the first time I draw it. I draw my underdrawing in charcoal so it’s easy to erase mistakes with my gum eraser. Pencil doesn’t erase well on primed wood. After the underdrawing’s done I spray it with a light fixative so that the charcoal doesn’t muddle my paint. Let that dry for a day and then I’m ready to set paint to wood. Check out the gallery below for photos.

For this piece I’m also going more in the direction of environmental portraits, which I’ve been wanting to do. Instead of just a portrait, the setting gives clues to who the subject is. So I placed Aurelien in a dingy casino at a poker table with a drink and a cig. I’m still trying to figure out how I might be able to subtly incorporate the med-school part.

More progress photos to come. I’ve got to get moving since my show is coming up in a little over a month! #procrastinator


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