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F+ Gallery Grand Opening Show

On 08, Jun 2012 | In Events | By admin

“If you build it, they will come.”

F+ Gallery officially opened it’s doors on June 2nd, and people came. Santa Ana’s burgeoning arts distric is becoming quite the cultural hub in Orange County and it was great to be a part of one of the new galleries planting roots in the historic downtown area.

It turns out all those countless hours going to shows and concerts in my late teens and early twenties weren’t for naught. An old friend and photographer that I met back in my Gypsy Lounge going days (God rest it’s soul) apparently noticed my slow but sure path back into the world of art and painting via facebook and she just so happened to be curating a few galleries in Orange County that were looking for new local artists to grace their walls. A few messages later and she had me penned in for a group show in June at the new F+ Gallery and a duo exhibition with my sister in September.

The opening for F+ was such a blast. I got to meet so many talented local artists and pick their brains for tips and tricks of the trade. I have them to thank for my current obsession with attempting an oil painting. Blogs and progress shots to come on that endeavor. It was a really nice test run for the big prize in September: Jen and I’s own show at Promenade Gallery in Downtown Anaheim.

Listening to:
“Country Dumb”
Josh T. Pearson

Check out the photo gallery from the show on This weekend I’ll start tackling the underdrawings for a few more paintings. I’m going to do these next few as speed paintings. I get way too OCD about minor details and end up spending untold hours on things that no one else ever notices. That can’t go on any longer. For my sanity’s sake and for the sake of productivity.

I’ll leave you with some of my photos from the night.


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