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In Paint

By admin

Progress: Aurelien Painting

On 23, Feb 2013 | In Paint | By admin

I’m making great progress on my portrait of Aurelien! It’s amazing what you can do under threat of deadline. I think I may have painted his eyes a little too close together, but I’m still excited about how it’s coming out. I tried to do this piece a little looser than I normally do; Use more gestured strokes and worry less about blending. It makes things go along a lot quicker and then once you’re finished laying it down you can go back and fine tune some of the more important details like the eyes and the mouth.

I’m going to try to finish one more painting before the show next week. A portrait of my friend Jon Dragonette. A bearded hooligan with strong Italian features, who’s uniform is a grungy tee shirt and a worn-in jean vest. Here’s to hoping I finish it up before next Saturday!

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