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Setup for “Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation” Show at F+ Gallery

On 28, Feb 2013 | In Events | By admin

Yesterday I spent all day with Micah and Mike over at F+ Gallery setting up for the show on Saturday.

Micah Kersh is the owner of F+ Gallery, and I must add has excellent taste in films and music. While setting up we listened to everything from Wilco to The Who (very fitting) to David Bowie and watched I Heart Huckabees and The Life Aquatic. It was a blast hanging out with him and Michael Harnish all day. Here’s a bulleted recap of the day followed by a time lapse video and some photos. Multi-interactive.

  • Pick up last minute frames and matts at Target, as usual.
  • Arrived on time, for once.
  • Forgot half the stuff I need to bring, as usual.
  • Unloaded my paintings and supplies.
  • Mike shows up. One hour intermission for me and Micah to lose our minds over his paintings.
  • Me and Mike finish framing and putting wire and hooks on all the art.
  • Forgot D-hooks.
  • Head to Home Depot.
  • Forgot wallet.
  • Call Mike for reinforcements.
  • Find $5 in my glove box.
  • Call Mike and cancel the cavalry.
  • Get back to the gallery and finish mounting and framing all art.
  • Layout the art along the walls of the gallery. Try a few different layouts before we agree on the right one.
  • Break for a late lunch. Hop in my car and head towards downtown Santa Ana. Micah suggest The Grilled Cheese Spot. 30 minute intermission looking for parking and realizing we have no cash. Santa Ana is a cash city.
  • Almost hit a pedestrian.
  • We finally find parking, an ATM, and the Grilled Cheese spot and enjoy some of the best grilled cheeses of our lives.
  • Invite the rad guys behind the counter to the show.
  • Head back and get to hanging.
  • Try not to get OCD on measuring and spacing.
  • Start painting the photo wall sign. Micah tests his time lapse app out. (See video below)
  • Mess up multiple letters on the sign. Cursing ensues. Mike, as always, offers solutions and encouragement. He can’t help it. He’s a teacher.
  • Finish the sign and spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how to hang the thing. A ladder, a pair of scissors, a razor, and 2 Staple Gun clips later, it’s generally hung.
  • Say goodbye to our fabulous host, Micah, and head home.
  • Grab a funfetti cupcake and start work on Hoodzpah jobs before pouring myself into bed.
  • Fall asleep to the X-Files. The truth is out there.

VIDEO: Amy_Hood_Sign_Painting_Time_Lapse

Listening to:

“Black Roses”
by Escondido


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